Harnessing Your Conscious Leadership: Nitsa Nakos Speaks to Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs

In a business world steeped in power, greed, control, and competitiveness, finding mentors with a well-rounded sense of themselves and their impact on the world around them can be challenging. Many in this realm push the importance of their inner being to the wayside in favor of chasing market dominance and unparalleled financial success. However, the lack of morality and positive influence in the business world is being upended by one particularly genuine and immensely successful network marketing professional: Nitsa Nakos. With a steadfast devotion to using conscious leadership to take the reigns over your destiny instead of going through the motions and just living life by default, Nakos is a walking example of everything she believes. And her example speaks straight to the hearts of soul-driven entrepreneurs.

Raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Nakos was born of Greek heritage, which remains a beloved aspect of not only who she has become but is also instilled in the core values of her philosophies. As a millionaire entrepreneur, real estate and business investor, trainer, mentor, public speaker, humanitarian, and visionary, Nakos is also the number one income earner within her company, Synergy, and a part of the 1% of the top earners in network marketing. 

Currently, Nakos’ sales organization produces more than $10 million in sales weekly, and she has helped 27 people become multi-millionaires. Nakos has taken thousands of people who hated their jobs and led them down a path to find financial freedom. As a thought leader and conscious creator of her own reality, she has acquired businesses all over the world, and she credits her immense success to her awakening, to knowing the truth of who she is and dedicating her life to being a light in this world. For 25 years, Nakos has mentored and guided hundreds of thousands of people under the Synergy brand, and she recognizes her continuous triumph as a result of her passion for creating a new world of conscious communities.

Network marketers and business owners looking for next-level freedom and success can draw from Nakos’s example as she promotes one ideology above all others: conscious leadership. She speaks to soul and mission-driven entrepreneurs looking to find the greatness within themselves, exemplifying that freedom starts from within. Merging the prioritization of generosity over greed with digital entrepreneurship is not automatically accessible. Still, for those who wish to find financial success by grabbing hold of what lights their soul on fire and sharing it with the world, it’s necessary. 

Nitsa Nakos teaches others how she found immense financial freedom by spotlighting the strength within herself and how anyone looking for a positive mentor and inclusive communities can do the same. Nakos believes that conscious leadership succeeds by taking the road less traveled, but that road is wide open to those looking to harness their inner strength, celebrate the success of others, and collaborate over compete. For anyone genuinely ready to step into financial freedom with a conviction of purpose, Nakos stands as a beacon to help you live an intentional life as the chooser instead of the choice.