Mike Lee’s Journey from Basketball Coach to Mindful Leadership Advocate

Mike Lee’s story is one of transformation and resilience, speaking to the strength of a human’s mind and the capacity for growth. From his early days as a basketball lover to his current role as a prominent leader in the field of mindful leadership, Lee’s journey is both inspiring and insightful. His experiences have culminated in a new book, set to be released on November 21, titled “New Rules For the Future of Leadership.” 

A Journey Rooted in Basketball

For Mike Lee, a love for basketball blossomed early with Michael Jordan and remained a constant passion throughout his journey. He played the game in college, a period that laid the foundation for his career. During his last year of college, he launched a basketball training company that took him all over the world to teach the game and work with the likes of NBA MVPs Steph Curry and Joel Embiid.  

Books and coaches served as his mentors during this period of his life. Lee immersed himself in the wisdom contained within their pages, a practice that would later shape his approach to leadership. It was during this time that he discovered his “why.” Coaching became more than just a profession. For Lee, it became a calling and a way to inspire and uplift others.

The Birth of MindShift Labs

Lee’s path eventually led him from Wisconsin to Los Angeles, where he faced a major crossroads in his journey. While battling the horrific withdrawal symptoms of an anti-depressant medication, he dove deep into mindfulness and meditation. Through these practices, he realized how much time we spend dwelling on the past, drifting to the future or getting pulled out of the present moment by distractions.

This personal transformation planted the seeds for what became MindShift Labs, a company founded with a clear mission: to equip leaders with the tools necessary to navigate chaos and access the power of the present moment. According to Lee, everything you seek can be found in the present moment, and his company is dedicated to helping leaders harness that power.

MindShift Labs’ Unique Approach

MindShift Labs, launched in January 2020, offers a range of services aimed at training leaders to train their minds. Lee and his team provide workshops, coaching, and keynotes, each tailored to help individuals and organizations tap into their full potential. The workshops are designed to be highly interactive, fostering an intimate and in-depth understanding of the principles of mindfulness and leadership.

What sets MindShift Labs apart is its holistic approach to leadership, emphasizing the integration of the heart and the mind. Lee believes the future of leadership necessitates leaders with the heart of a spiritual leader and the mindset of an elite athlete. This combination, which he refers to as “HeartMind,” can help leaders navigate the ever-evolving landscape of change, disruption, and adversity.

“New Rules For the Future of Leadership”

As the release of Lee’s book, “New Rules For the Future of Leadership,” approaches, readers are offered a glimpse into a new world of leadership standards. Lee recognizes the challenges faced by leaders today, driven by KPIs and shareholders, and the pressing need for a shift in leadership approaches. The book promises to provide solutions to the problems of engagement, talent retention and human disconnection that plague many organizations. By offering insights into crafting a purpose-driven vision, practicing mindfulness, and adopting a heart-centered approach to leadership, Lee aims to equip leaders with the tools they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

The mission of MindShift Labs and Lee serves as a bright light in a world that constantly looks for innovative and influential leadership. With “New Rules For the Future of Leadership,” Mike Lee invites us all to join him on a journey toward mindful leadership, paving the way for a brighter and more compassionate future.

“New Rules For the Future of Leadership” is set to be released on November 21 and will be available on Amazon. The book’s landing page teases readers with a choice of three compelling excerpts, offering a taste of the transformative wisdom contained within its pages.