Millennial Entrepreneur is Making Universal Healthcare a Reality in America: Crawford K. McDonald’s Vision for Taggart Atlantics Healthcare

End of life is a frightening concept, but it happens to us all, and in today’s economy, only a few will be able to meet the growing cost. That’s where Whispering Pines, a senior living facility with a deep focus and commitment to its residents’ well-being–as well as a proof of concept for the model comes in to meet Taggart Atlantic’s robust goal of making long-term care fit into the budget of the average American, even one with no assets to their name.

However, this innovation of real estate developer, Crawford K. McDonald, and accomplished former Pfizer scientist, Dr. Shujuan Tao McDonald, is not only offering a haven of comfort and care for the elderly and disabled. Besides necessary healthcare, being a resident on this facility campus comes with a relatively affordable price tag that, for many residents, can be as low as zero dollars.

“Affordability doesn’t mean compromising quality here,” Crawford K. highlights, adding emphasis to his team’s vital mission to provide dignified care that doesn’t break the bank. “We have built a two-acre healthcare campus in Athens, Georgia, as proof that a system like this is viable. I plan to build a campus three times the size with 150 beds starting next year. With that said, we need to raise awareness for these programs.” Crawford emphasizes that this money goes back to people who have paid into the system, who, by definition and a doctor’s prescription, can no longer work. They require oversight 24/7.

It’s an offer that attracted 50 patients who now can spend their golden years in safety, stability and happiness. Under the focused care of Director Amy Williams, More importantly, it allowed the dream of universal healthcare to grow and thrive; the story doesn’t stop there, as thousands more still need these services.

As the Whispering Pines Campus thrives, so does Crawford K.’s determination to expand its impact. His growth plans are as ambitious as they are inspiring. With a capacity of 50 beds, Crawford K.’s target goals see a future where Taggart Atlantic has 5,000 beds across multiple facilities. This will require raising more money from investors, some already interviewing to be a part of this ambitious plan.

In his vision, 25 campuses like Whispering Pines, but more immense, are spread across Georgia and can accommodate around 5,000 residents. This is a necessary investment into the most vulnerable category of Americans, a category that we will all fit into eventually. And with that said, do most Americans have an extra 102,000.00 dollars a year to afford the mean cost of a nursing home in the USA? Crawford emphasizes, “Does your family have an extra 100k for long-term care? If people are expected to invest significantly in life, they should receive a quantifiable return, yet at present, the necessary infrastructure to make these returns happen is lacking.”

But that’s not all. Alongside the expansion plan, McDonald and his team, including a former developer of the Jameson Inn, Jeff Richey, are also nurturing another to integrate into the Whispering Pines campus. Currently under construction at their Athens location is the Fox Day Club, a day health that promises to be a game-changer in assisted living. 

This innovative center will allow families to drop off their loved ones for daytime care, including medical management and engaging activities, mental and physical challenges, and live performances ranging from bands in the Athens music scene to lectures by local college professors. And, they’re planning to expand their team to accommodate the new Day Club, “We are in the interviewing stages of hiring an RN to act as director of this day club. We are also engaging in interviews with pastors to establish a church partnership to make religious services more accessible and accommodating for the elderly and disabled.”