Tattoo Foam Magic: Brows by Shelly’s Skin-Friendly Solution for Brow Procedures

The permanent makeup industry, still in the formative stages, is rapidly growing as women begin turning to this alternative to daily cosmetics application. But how do you choose an expert? Go with the experience. Shelly Nguyen, with five years of expertise, offers ombre powder brows, a form of semi-permanent make-up that creates the illusion of powdered filled brows.

“I love doing brows,” Shelly says. “It’s a very fulfilling feeling to have somebody sit up and look at themselves in the mirror and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like a different person.’ Because brows really do make a big difference on your face.”

Nguyen and her artists at Brows by Shelly believe that eyebrows play a crucial role in defining a person’s overall appearance. To achieve brow designs that reflect the client’s personality, they focus not only on what the client wants, but also on their professional opinions and high standards. Nguyen says this method achieves results that leave everyone satisfied.

Brows by Shelly uses an ombre powder technique as opposed to microblading that many studios use. Many people like microblading, because it uses hair-like strokes, whereas ombre powder is done by a machine that creates thin layers of pigment to the top layer of the skin.

“With microblading, the chances of you scarring is a lot higher since they cut you with the blade and then deposit the pigment. A lot of people don’t realize that because it looks so nice right away. And then once it heals, it will eventually just turn into scars and the area that is scarred will never take pigment the same again,” Shelly says. “Whereas with ombre powder, it’s less invasive. It doesn’t scar you over time because we’re just tacking very, very tiny little pixels onto the skin to achieve more of a makeup or powdery finish.”

Nguyen’s studio uses a tattoo machine, but it’s on a much smaller and gentler scale than what is used in tattoo parlors. She says many regular clients are so relaxed that they sleep through the procedure, although that’s not the case with everyone. Still, most do chit-chat with the artist during the process.

“It’s a tattoo gun, but what actually deposits the pigment is the needle, so we use a single needle. The single needle is more precise,” Shelly says.

Her salon does have different anesthetics and other products designed to relieve pain from the procedure. And Brows by Shelly’s Tattoo Foam is a gentle and soothing foam designed for post-tattooing procedures, a natural, skin-friendly solution suitable for all skin types. This foam provides gentle cleansing for open areas. Enriched with aloe vera, it also offers soothing properties, ensuring a comfortable and healing experience.

“The tattoo foam cleans the brows and removes any lymph, blood, or other body fluids released from the skin during the healing phase to keep the area clean. This will promote a higher retention rate,” Shelly says. “Its effectiveness has garnered renowned engagement on various social media platforms, making it my go-to choice for stunning brow reveals.”

Some clients find their bodies might not take the pigment all in one session. For instance, if they have oily skin, use a lot of facial products, or go tanning a lot.  Nguyen says UV light is the number one killer for brows, fading the pigment quickly. So some clients come back sooner, if they have fading due to those conditions or just want some minor changes. Usually that’s between six to 12 weeks, after the skin is fully healed after the first time.

But most clients are very happy with their results and don’t have to come back for one to two years. Some wait three. All the while enjoying their semi-permanent, artist-created brows.