Unveiling the Entrepreneurial Odyssey of Christian Gissing and True North Property Management

When Christian Gissing looks back on his journey, it’s not just a story of entrepreneurship; it’s a testament to the power of determination, grit and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Born to a Texan mother and an English father, Gissing’s story is as diverse as the backgrounds that shaped him. Today, he stands at the helm of True North Property Management, a thriving property management company, determined to help others achieve the same level of financial freedom he has achieved.

The Odyssey of Christian Gissing 

At a young age, Gissing realized his yearn for financial freedom. Washing dishes in various pubs in the UK, fighting a fairly constant, knocking gag reflex at the various sights and smells left behind by patrons helped him quickly discover; this wasn’t it, thus pushing him to want far more for himself. Gissing embarked on his first independent venture at 16. Second, 18, a digital marketing company. With the world as his playground, he traveled extensively, learning the ropes of hospitality and exploring diverse cultures before eventually selling it.

Gissing then entered the corporate world in attempt to feel some consistency and found himself confined to a cubicle. Desperately missing exploration and a life unburdened by constraints, he once again chose to switch career paths and start on a new adventure.

Gissing’s love for Traverse City, Michigan, began when he stumbled upon its beauty during his early years. However, it was more than just picturesque landscapes that captivated him; he fell in love with someone special on a visit with his local family. 

The next chapter of his journey unfolded in 2014 when he decided to stay in the area and start over instead of heading back to England. In doing so, he moved into his new found girlfriends apartment, though his dreams were grand. In looking for a more prominent place to stay as well as a new business opportunity, he stumbled upon a property on Lake Michigan and recognized the value it had. He found it’s value stemmed from short-term rental income. Upon purchasing the property he immediately got his real estate license and began to shadow other property companies with the goal of starting his own and expanding on his first purchase. This moment marked the inception of True North Property Management.


True North at a Glance

True North offers a range of services catering to different customers. Two main groups the company works with are people interested in franchise opportunities and current or prospective property owners looking to maximize their investments all find solace in True North’s expertise. 

For guests, True North goes the extra mile, offering services like a private chef, concierge, massages and a stocked fridge. In just eight months, True North Property Management has appointed nine new branch managers, highlighting its rapid growth and commitment to saving time and effort for its clients by focusing on the micro-details.

One factor that sets True North apart in a competitive industry is its strategic partnership with Marriott. Properties managed by True North Property Management are featured on the Marriott website, allowing Marriott Bonvoy members to utilize their points for bookings. True North’s presence also extends to 20+ different booking platforms, facilitated by its dynamic pricing software and world-class revenue management team. This partnership and accessibility comes further into play when you consider the number of properties the company boasts across the world — from Traverse City to Puerto Rico to Indonesia.

Gissing brings a fresh approach to property management, injecting a “Richard Branson style” flair into an industry that isn’t typically associated with innovation and excitement. The True North branch network is designed to provide freedom to its managers, fostering a potential-based culture that encourages growth and success.

For those just starting in the industry, Gissing offers sage advice. He emphasizes the importance of striving for freedom, both financially and personally. He encourages budding entrepreneurs to explore the world, to dream big, and to remember that, even if they come from humble beginnings, they can become royalty.

The ever-evolving businessman’s story is one of determination, innovation and the unending pursuit of financial freedom. As Christian Gissing continues to empower others to achieve financial freedom through True North and other ventures, his journey remains an inspiring narrative of success. 

Visit the True North Property Management website if you’re interested in working with the company. You can also reach them through their business line, found on the website, where you can leave a message declaring your personal situation and interest.